Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bury, Long Climbs and Wind Turbines!

Yesterday at around 1pm I grabbed my water bottle, the old Camelback, and a banana, saddling up the intention was to head to Bury as I haven't been there for a good number of years.

Off I set using Crompton Way as my main access point to Bury/Bolton Road.  Crompton Way isn't too bad, although there are road works which narrow the road somewhat, there's very few potholes along the major stretch so well done Bolton Council!  I get to Bury Road and felt fantastic; I screamed up past Netto and Mecca Bingo sweeping all before me in a haze of speed.  I hadn't felt that good in ages, in fact that's the best I've ever felt whilst riding.  Bury Road was riddled with holes some of which had been filled in with some cheap asphalt, dodging them I soon found myself in Bury.  Looking at the intersection ahead of me I decided to skip Bury town centre and take a swinging left up a hill; what a hill!

I didn't expect it to be so long so burned my way up it, but it just carried on!  Getting half way I found myself hitting the wall and having to stop but oddly I found myself able to carry on very quickly afterwards.  I put my exploring hat on and started taking some of the small lanes off the main road.  I climb a small hill, well it seemed small but those bloody bushes hit more than I expect!  I was absolutely shattered by the time I got to the top, even with my bandana soaking up the sweat I still found some in my eyes.  The roads up there were bad, very bad and at one point, due to lack of concentration, I clipped a hole and wangled myself into the pavement edge, bruising my ego and my left leg. 

I found myself in Tottington, a place I'd never actually been before, Peel Monument was in the near distance reaching up like a...yes it looks like a penis...sorry had to be said.  The roads weren't very well sign posted so I found myself looking at street names, and thankfully in Tottington there were a few street names that kind of give directions.  Taking the left I head down past what used to be a great restaurant in which I got food poisoning in the early 90s.  Seems road works are being done down there too, with a very narrow lane with no passing room for cars past cyclists, so I dismount and walk around letting the cars zoom past like metal rats in a tube.

I realised where I was and knew my way back from there, so I whacked the bike into high gear  and screamed down the hill, realising a little too late that the road was hole riddled, not only making my arms wobble like wobbly things but also twisthing my wrist quite badly.  The whole road was festoon with holes, not deep but with enough depth to be a major hazard to anyone on a two wheeled pedalathon (I'm making words up now).  Remember when I praised the council?  I take it back; sort this sodding road!

Anyhoo I got home in one piece albeit quite sore in many areas mostly due to the holes and my unfortunate meeting between the earth and my left leg.  On the upside this weekend is going to be sunny so see you out there!

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