Wednesday, 17 August 2016

It's been a while, a long while but I'm back!

I'm now working, finally, after years of struggling and found a job I enjoy.  I'm also engaged, to a wonderful woman who understands my oddities.  Things have changed somewhat, I started self harming, which was a whole new experience.  I'm covered in scars on my arms and a few on my legs, war wounds from anxiety, stress, OCD, etc.  Managed to bring that under control and the two years of therapy, which isn't over, has made a difference.

Going to grab the app for Blogger and do more blogging.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Firestrike Nerf Gun Repaint

My first Nerf gun repaint.  3 bullets also painted to match the gun colourings.  Not gone for a special theme look, just added colours I liked.

Michelin Airstop A1

Michelin inner tubes - I've never been a fan of specific tubes, I just get the cheapest at the time and make do.  I got some of these Michelin Airstop A1 tubes, thinking a little bit more usually results in a better tube.  Wrong!  Maybe I got a faulty batch but on pumping one up to around 90PSI is exploded in the early hours waking me up.  I checked the following morning to see a rupture tear on the inside of the tube, not near the tyre wall or running surface but on the valve side.  I checked the rim of the wheel, fine, no splinters, visible spokes; I checked for debris in the tyre itself, nothing - clean.

I assumed it was just a faulty one, didn't worry about it and put in the other one.  Following day, about 12 hours after putting it in, not riding it at all, BANG!  The replacement pops too!  Same type of tear, different area, an outwards tear in the tube wall.

Is there any point contacting Michelin?  I doubt it, probably get no-where and the shop I bought them from (Geoff Smiths Cycle in Bolton) wouldn't replace them, and can't blame them to be honest.  Back to Decathlon and eBay for all my cycling needs.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Aspergers and Oblivion

Aspergers - Arseburgers - I still cannot pronounce it correctly!

Anyhoo, seems I have it.  It came as a shock and I'm still struggling with the implications but I'm sure I'll get over it the same way I got over the OCD and schitzotypal diagnosis.  Seems they all lead into the other.  Well I'm not going to harp on it, it is what it is and I do need to get this blog running again.  I've started messing with eLance now so this is one way to show my prospective employers my English skills!

So let's get right down to it with a simple review - not a game review, not a product review, a film review.  I don't bother that much with film reviews, usually I tend to forget the forgettable.  I will forget this film rapidly, but it's still fresh in my memory.

I hadn't really seen the hype around this film, I had seen images from it, occasional bits and bobs but I never really felt compelled to watch it.  I found myself watching it by accident and I was blown away with the special effects.  Visually it's a feast on the eyes, with dramatic flyby sequences, cool looking 'spaceships', beautiful post apocalyptic vistas which do their best to drag you in - sadly it doesn't work.

I found myself messing with my phone, wondering why my butt was feeling numb and really not paying attention.  Yes, I understand that maybe if I'd sat there and concentrated it'd meant something but I just did not feel connected to anyone in the entire film.  I'm a fan of Tom Cruise, yes I know he's a loony but I still like the guy, same as I like Charlie Sheen - but this film, it just did not drag me in.  Acting is fine, story is okay, but I felt very under impressed by the whole lack of scale and feel of it.

There are those out there who would scorn my love of the film War of the Worlds, but that's more to do with the fact that the idea terrified me as a kid, and still does to this day - a weird fascination with 'the end of the world as we know it' has plagued me for years.  I love that stuff, but I cannot love this film.  I'm sorry Tom, I know you won't ever read this, but I am sorry.  You can do better fella.

Monday, 24 September 2012



A man once told me that Cornflakes will rule the world.  Well they may but they won't be Kellogg's version...  There was a time when the main brand in the cereal market made  wonderful stuff but these days with the 'don't eat too much sugar' and 'don't have that on your face!' the flavour has slowly diminished from the Kellogg's cereals.

I've started getting Aldi's own brand, made by Harvest Morning and I think they're much much nicer.  More cooked flavour, more texture and don't go soggy if you leave them for a few moments.  Try them, for 99p you get a superior flavour, at least in my opinion.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review - Pocket Rocket Masterblaster

All cyclists know that if you go out without a pump the obvious is going to happen.  If you're going any sort of distance you need a cycle pump that will do the job effectively, and you can easily carry.  Over the years I've used some of the most basic of pumps, all of them have been adequate but never brilliant; this is no exception.

The Topeak Pocket Rocket is a neat little pump, comes with its own frame mount and a pretty sturdy rubber band style clip to keep the pump attached to the frame.  It's completely adequate for short distance runs just to get you home but in all honesty it's not going to get your pressure much over 60PSI unless you're the Hulk.

So what would I recommend?  This!

The Zefal Classic HPX.  This is a frame mounted pump, it doesn't use clips and it's not a tiny thing.  I easily get 100PSI with this and I carry it with me all the time.  Sure it's not going to stick in your jersey back pocket but I'd rather have this on me for a long journey than a crappy little pump like the above.    Sure you can get Co2 pumps but they cost money every time you get a new cartridge.

Get a proper pump and stop dicking about with novelty crap!

Long time!

It's been over a year since my last post and I've been naughty in not doing much here.

Anyhoo it's time to get working again on this page and in doing so I will be doing reviews of everything and anything, bike related or not!  If I like something I'll say, if I think it's shit I will say - punches will not be pulled!

So first up we have something bike related!  No surprise there!

I hadn't really heard of Decathlon up until late last year; they're a large, French based retail outlet specializing in sporting goods.  I was inclined to stay away due to Halfords' service being wank, but one can't paint all bit stores with the same brush.

I needed some inner tubes and I wasn't prepared to pay a fiver each at the local ripoff bike shops in the area;  so off I pootled and grabbed 2, shrink wrapped, road bicycle tyres from Decathlon.  

I didn't need to use them instantly but having spares is always wise, especially when you do regular long distance.  They were needed eventually and not had a problem with them.  They seem thinner than I've used before but once pumped up they are fine and for £2.99 well worth getting as back ups.

Thumbs up!