Friday, 30 April 2010

The Rake and a near miss.

My previous post was about my attempt to do the Rake, a nasty little road in Ramsbottom well I'm not gonna lie - bloody hell it is nastier than I thought.  It's quite possibly the steepest gradiant I've seen.  I managed to get to around 3/4 of the way up and I had to just stop, my legs gave in completely, thankfully a kind fellow nearby offered me a drink at the small cottages nearby so that helped massively!  Thanks fella!  That is one hill I refuse to give up on but I need more strength training along with more stamina to make it to the top.

Anyway after that run I got home and found my headset was making a grinding noise, eek.  This morning I took it into MK Cycles for them to see if they could figure it out.  The mechanic, Frank, stripped the headset down had a look and it looked like there was no grease on it at all.  He sorted that and the grinding has pretty much stopped.  I haven't jetwashed it (don't have a jetwash anyway, or one nearby) so how it was greaseless I don't know.  Anyhoo it's sorted now and a lot quieter.

On the way back from MK Cycles I made my way down Blackburn Road, not the quietest road.  A large lorry pulled up and I checked behind me to pull out and around it; the traffic slowed and I pulled out a little.  A small car came up next to me and he had seen me, then as I turn to the left to get back in lane he decides to side swipe me!  I managed to keep control and kept upright as the driver just gave me a blank gormless look.  I didn't react it was obvious he was a bit stupid, and I was lucky I'm a good weight.  If I'd had been lighter I'd have fallen off and likely been hurt.

Oi drivers, watch your sides and mirrors, there's a reason why there are windows in vehicles - Use Them!

MK Cycles, Bolton - MK Cycles has been around for a good long time.  The staff are friendly, knowledgable and don't mind getting their hands dirty.  I would recommend them to anyone.

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