Monday, 12 April 2010

The Rise of the Cycle Club

I've been pondering the idea for a while now, mostly out of frustration at the lack of suitable cycling clubs in my area.  Back in the 90s I ran a small, yet quite successful mountain biking club; at its peak we'd have a good 20 people joining us on Sunday rides.  We'd have evening runs where we'd head into Bolton town centre, around Bury Road and into Leverhulm Park and Moses Gate Country Park - great times were had!

Back then there was no age limit on the club, anyone could join but I found that we got quite a few kids joining us.  Whilst this was great for them their parents, understandably, were somewhat nervous.  So I'd like to skip that completely and also skip the rowdy mid 20s too and propose a 30+ cycliing club.  Not only will this club cater for the 'approaching middle age group' but also those of us who aren't megafit.  Website set up is simple, as would be a forum; and I'm sure I can wangle some sort of club venue where we can meet, drink and torment the barmaid/man. 

I need to test the water on this idea, see how it appeals to other road cyclists.  I have friends in various cycle shops so heck I may be able to sort out some sponsored gear at some point, who knows!  Anyway should be out on the bike today, would like to avoid the work/school runs so will do some brick pointing for a bit...

On another point, I bought some gloves from the local Pound shop.  They're a little tight but have quite the grippy palm area so should work okay with my tape.  For a quid I can't complain if they do fall apart but if they remain intacted for longer than a week I say it's money well spent!

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