Sunday, 18 April 2010

Run? Are you mad!?

Apparently so.  I've never been one for running, find it painful on the old joints but after buying some proper shoes I'm finding it easier.  The cardio work from the cycling is paying off as I can go a lot longer on foot that I could before; but I still find myself massively out of breath compared to the bike.  The stomach muscles get a real work out, as do all my leg muscles; you can really feel the effort the body puts in.  On my way around the little circuit I do I bumped into 4 students, all drunk out of their minds, discussing whether there was a squirrel in a tree or a blackbird; and one dropped his pants...  couldn't help but smile.

After last Thursday's really successful ride up the back of Belmont and into Rivington I put myself on a break for a short while.  I tried Friday but my legs just wouldn't move so I decided instead of cycling I'd do a little bit of light weight training to get rid of these love handles.  According to my friend sit ups don't actually get rid of the spare tyre they only strengthen the muscles, but doing them anyway is helpful for the biking.  Shoulder presses, upright rows, bench presses, along with your usual squats made up most of my little weight training session.  Bloody hell did I feel it the morning after!

I doubt there's any cycling to be done today, as much as I want to head out I know I shouldn't as my legs are sore and I need to repair the muscles; so I'm just going to get some shopping done, pick up some cat food for el moggy.  Oh and I'd better get some new undies for tomorrow, off to get my bits checked - had some cysts down there for a while and I suspect it's time for a draining.  Fun!

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