Thursday, 20 May 2010

Do want ice cream!

Last night's scheduled meet was at Fredericks, which is fast becoming our start point.  Neil (was it Neil?  I forget names too damn fast!) took the lead and we headed into Charnok Richard over many an undulating road.  Not only did I get out of breath too quick but I think they knew it was a great way to stop me talking!  No matter, I talked to myself instead!  It was an interesting and fun ride with some short hard climbs but some fun descents.  Weather was perfect with just a slight breeze to take the edge off the humid air.

Dave as usual kicked my arse all over the park but the challenge is to keep going, I do not like stopping.  Early in the ride my chest was exceptionally tight and I found it hard to breath so had to stay well back until my legs kicked in along with easier breathing.  My asthma hasn't affected me like that for years and it was quite worrying to see it start off like that.  I warmed up after about an hour...and found myself enjoying it a lot more.

I'm not sure how the other guys take me, I tend to talk them to death so I'm waiting for someone to turn up with duct tape...  Now couldn't that be taken the wrong way?

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