Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sore Nuts...

A few years ago I had a scan on my man baubles that indicated there were two cysts, one in each one. The doctor told me it was nothing to worry about and just to keep an eye on them, if they got bigger they'd need draining (or removing - not my nuts the cysts...). Anyhoo I got out on the bike Tuesday and felt extremely tired, struggling up pretty much every hill I found; even the flat roads caused problems so instead of going to far I made my way home.

Part way back I noticed that my right testicle was hurting, not badly, but enough for me to notice, and it made it difficult to sit down. The lycra shorts I was wearing were pushing it back up, not inside but enough to tel it wasn't in the right place. I got home and had a check, no swelling, the pain had gone with no trace of there being a problem.

Having spoken to my Dad and also having a chat with the doctor, they have both suggested I get some proper baggy, padded shorts and not tight lycra - this is right up my street anyway as I hated my lycra. Now I have to find the funds to buy myself a couple of pairs of baggy, padded cycle shorts. Wouldn't mind so much if cycling gear wasn't so vastly over priced!

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