Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I can join Mensa!

No, really!  I got hold of one of their puzzles and it was so easy!  Well I say easy, what I mean to say is it was insanely annoying and I nearly broke it in two to get it to work!  On the upside I did manage it, so quite chuffed with that.

Last night's ride went off with no real incidents.  Decided to get out at around 5pm my favourite time of the day for cycling.  People coming home from work, tempers flairing and horns a honking.  I suppose my enjoyment of that time is riding in the traffic, I find it a lot of fun to shoot through heavy traffic (in a safe way of course).  Interestingly there were very few idiots out, in fact I didn't have any altercations with anyone.  Most of the drivers were courteous and friendly, with some even letting me through and waiting!

The news recently suggested that new drivers shouldn't be let out on the roads at night; my stance is that anyone under the age of 21 shouldn't be allowed on the roads in cars at all!  Whilst I am fully aware that a lot of new teen drivers aren't blithering idiots it's usually teens in their souped up sheds that ARE the main ones who cause cyclists trouble.  Having been spat at, knocked off, had cans and eggs thrown at me the drivers are always, in my case, teens.  This of course doesn't mean the older, more 'mature' generation are any better as I have seen many adult drivers being downright irresponsable; it just means that teenagers aren't as good at controlling their knuckle dragging ideas.

I'm off out again today, waiting until this afternoon around 1pm to head out.  No lighting needed so will be fitting the camera to the bars, might get some interesting footage.

Have a good day and ride safe!

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