Monday, 8 November 2010

First road accident.

Yes I have finally broken my accident virginity!  Yesterday afternoon's 50 miler was rudely interupted by being hit, glancing, but a white van!  I was going at around 20 and I have no idea what speed he was going at, but thankfully he was slowing to park up.  90%C of the entire collision is a blank, all I remember is seeing his passenger side and me hitting it.  I bounced off into the middle of the road, luckily with no traffic behind me or incoming or it could have been pretty nasty. 

I got up, dusted myself off, had no injuries and got up to chat with the driver hoping he was okay too.  He seemed to scowl at me, but as I walked around I think he calmed a little and we had a chat.  We both agreed to just leave it where it was since no one and nothing was hurt or damaged.  We shook hands and I rode home, somewhat shaking and realising how lucky I was.

I hate wearing helmets, and I consider myself to be a good rider but this just proves on thing to me; no matter how good I am I did not see that coming and from now on I'm wearing a helmet, even if it makes me look like a bloody mushroom.

I'm okay, slightly sore right arm with very basic grazes, I was heavily padded with my gear so that took the brunt.  Right leg's a little sore and my left shoulder's a little out of flunter but it's just in need of rest.  If you read this, the guy who was my crashing partner, I hope you're not shaken and you're okay.  Was nice to shake on it and not bitch and moan at each other like a lot do.

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