Thursday, 2 May 2013

Aspergers and Oblivion

Aspergers - Arseburgers - I still cannot pronounce it correctly!

Anyhoo, seems I have it.  It came as a shock and I'm still struggling with the implications but I'm sure I'll get over it the same way I got over the OCD and schitzotypal diagnosis.  Seems they all lead into the other.  Well I'm not going to harp on it, it is what it is and I do need to get this blog running again.  I've started messing with eLance now so this is one way to show my prospective employers my English skills!

So let's get right down to it with a simple review - not a game review, not a product review, a film review.  I don't bother that much with film reviews, usually I tend to forget the forgettable.  I will forget this film rapidly, but it's still fresh in my memory.

I hadn't really seen the hype around this film, I had seen images from it, occasional bits and bobs but I never really felt compelled to watch it.  I found myself watching it by accident and I was blown away with the special effects.  Visually it's a feast on the eyes, with dramatic flyby sequences, cool looking 'spaceships', beautiful post apocalyptic vistas which do their best to drag you in - sadly it doesn't work.

I found myself messing with my phone, wondering why my butt was feeling numb and really not paying attention.  Yes, I understand that maybe if I'd sat there and concentrated it'd meant something but I just did not feel connected to anyone in the entire film.  I'm a fan of Tom Cruise, yes I know he's a loony but I still like the guy, same as I like Charlie Sheen - but this film, it just did not drag me in.  Acting is fine, story is okay, but I felt very under impressed by the whole lack of scale and feel of it.

There are those out there who would scorn my love of the film War of the Worlds, but that's more to do with the fact that the idea terrified me as a kid, and still does to this day - a weird fascination with 'the end of the world as we know it' has plagued me for years.  I love that stuff, but I cannot love this film.  I'm sorry Tom, I know you won't ever read this, but I am sorry.  You can do better fella.