Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ice Cream, Laptop cases and lycra!

With help from a few guys over at Bikeradar forums (Fungus, Andy (not typing that nick out!), and Dcab) the over 30s cycle club is on its way!  Andy kindly set up a group over at Yahoo so feel free to pay a visit, link will be at the end of this post.

First trip involved a ride to one of the fabled ice cream parlours in the North West.  Fredericks has been around for donkey's ages (over 100 years!) and has served many a tired and panting cyclist on their way into or out of Chorley.  I recall the first time I went there with my Father back when I started cycling, I couldn't believe he'd dragged me all that way just for a bloody ice cream.  I still haven't tried one, last thing I bought was a hot chocolate and that was lovely!

I must admit I feel a little out of my depth.  I do not like wearing visible lycra it just doesn't suit me; yet the past rides have shown me maybe I should hide the shyness and scare the living bejesus out of everyone on Saturday.  I tried the lycra thing once and I will never forget the smirk on my friend's face when I presented the poor sod with what could only be described as no meat and shrunken veg...  Anyhoo maybe these poor fellows need a life scarring incident - I'm sure I have a pink leotard somewhere.

The second ride was with Dcab who turned up 20 minutes early but I like early, tis a good thing.  Off we struggled up onto Scout Road using what I lovingly call 'that bloody hill'.  We picked up speed somewhat but kept it slow so we could talk.  Suddenly he stopped and I assumed he'd dropped something, looking back he'd found a laptop case and looking excitedly into it - was there a laptop inside?  Nah!  It did get us talking about the stuff we did find in the trash though, it's surprising what people loose.  I lost my virginity once, never did find it - if someone does see it can they return it please?

My plan this evening is to head off and mooch around towards Rochdale.  I'd like to take a closer peek at the huge wind turbines above Sheepsarse (Ramsbottom), they scare the heck out of me - something to do with War of the Worlds and having nightmares as a sprog.  Soon as I can afford a camera that works I shall share the wonderful images I see, and the not so wonderful images of me in lycra...

Until next time, ride safe!

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