Friday, 14 May 2010

Not Rochdale...

I didn't go, just lost track of time and ended up doing Pike Circuit.  Made a rather fun deviation and instead of turning towards the barns of Rivington I made a right turn and headed towards Anglezark.  I have a thing for Chorley so it was only natural I went there; well Adlington actually.  The route I followed was the same route I go at night but in the opposite direction; I had forgotten about the short, yet quite steep climb up into Blackrod.  Muttering something about crap roads and drivers with no brains I started the climb, finding myself not struggling at all...  That was a turn up for the books, I actually got up a steep hill without too much pain.

Flying down out of Blackrod I made a right turn back into Bolton Road, my legs were buzzin' then and I was unstoppable, up until that round-a-bout...  Having not used that round about in years I decided it would be best to avoid it and skip around the outside using the pavements (I dismounted).  I got back on the road and flew towards Bolton, taking a left onto a dual carriage way, under a bridge and into the Hunger Hill area (scallie central).  Shot up the hill threw Hunger Hill, past Barton Grange and amazingly fast (for me) up and over the hill after the crossing.

Felt so good last night that I extended the run to take in Breightmet, just because I could!  I managed to do around 50 miles and felt great afterwards.  Felt it this morning however.  My inner thigh muscles were aching along with my butt muscles.  I did ride today but nothing fast ot hard, just took in The Pike and Belmont, then headed home.

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