Saturday, 5 June 2010

Head update and a hill climb

My head's not so bad at the moment, it seems to have relented somewhat and has given me some room to breath.  I don't expect it to last but even a weekend's peace is better than nothing.  Planning to head out this evening at around 7pm, will do my little 20 mile circuit around Egerton and Chapeltown.

There's a hill climb event on the 22nd of this month at Lumb Carr Road in Ramsbottom, I am hoping to make it to enter.  Would be nice to get to the top and I fully intend to ride in gear that isn't lycra!  Not only will I turn up in baggies but I may wear a football shirt as well!  I've ridden similar hills before and whilst they hurt like buggery when you know where the end is you can usually make yourself push that lil bit harder!

On a side note I'm contemplating getting some iron on stickers made.  I would love to get a couple of plain cycle tops and iron 'Pot Hole Dodgers' and 30+ NW Cycling Club' on them!  Will see what I can do.  Will have to do it on a shoe string though, so I'm not expecting to do them yet.  I did some digging and the prices for custom jerseys is somewhat high and I can't justify the cost.

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