Monday, 9 August 2010


I'm really struggling to think of suitable titles.

Still having mechanical issues with the bike, annoyingly it's determined to clank and clunk forever.  I managed to get out on Sunday, stupidly decided I'd not need my puncture kit and like usual soon as you do such things you get a puncture.  Pretty quick deflate so it had to be something quite huge and sure enough a shard of glass, around 1 inch in length and shredded the tyre and the tube inside.  No doubt some knucker-dragger decided that breaking a bottle in the cycle lane was an awesome idea.  I'm now stuck with no tyres and no way of getting out until it's fixed.  Incidently many thanks to the cyclists who completely ignored my with an obvious flat - bunch of arrogant roadie buttholes...

On the upside I have planned to head out walking up Rivington and the surrounding countryside, well that was the plan until it started throwing it down again!  It's absolutely bucketing down at the moment so any plans to go out have been scuppered yet again since I don't have any suitable waterproof walking gear.  Used to have a really great pair of leggings but don't know what happened to them, fully waterproof and perfect for walking in, same with the boots I had - both have vanished into thin air.

Managed to sell off a few of the old records, had a couple of people pop up and give me next to nout for some of them.  The videos aren't shifting though, so if anyone fancies 120 VHS videos you know how to contact me!  All funds the bike repair/s.  I suspect next to go will be the ancient Goodmans record player from 1971; was my Grandfather's who used to play his classical music to our bemusement, for its age it plays well.

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