Monday, 2 August 2010

Pom pom pom!

Sunday's ride set off well enough, bit of drizzle but no wind.  Hitting Horwich I was reminded that the Ironman UK was in town thus the roads around the circuit were either closed or heavily policed to keep traffic under control.  I thought it was a professional tournament but it turns out anyone can enter so long as you can run, swim and ride.  I can do 1 out of 3, so I'm out!

Evntually I reached our meet point and we set off.  Nice steady pace with some hill climbing but nothing overly exerting.  After a while I noticed a 'clanking' coming from the lower part of the bike; thinking it was something bad I stopped and checked.  The cassette was making some godless noises so we decided, just in case, to head back. 

I took the bike into the local shop and sure enough the grease in the rear hub was clean, no grease at all!  So that was sorted and I thought all was well.  However we checked it again and there was still a lot of noise; we came to the conclusion that it was the bottom bracket.  The bike's now stuck in the shop and I can't play out!  So what to do whilst I wait?

The old Ribble looks like it may be on its way back!  I left it at Lifecycles in Bolton and gave them an 'indefinite' amount of time to sort it.  I pick that up on Friday hoping the bottom bracket has been removed and a new one slapped in in its place!  It's an old bike but it's perfectly viable for wet weather and winter training.

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