Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Beware bad drivers!

I recently picked up a small camcorder made by Veho.  The Muvi is about the size of a matchbox in height and around half that in width.  A bit of messing with an old cycle light bracket and now it's happily mounted on my handlebars.  The primary idea is to record my speed, routes and other events on my rides, however I have found that it also will be handy in picking up stupidity by myself and over road users!

Recently over the past few months I have had crap thrown at me, drivers trying to push me off etc so this will be handy in maybe detering or catching such idiots in the future.  I can understand why drivers get annoyed at cyclists when I caught one guy riding through red lights, and another just weaving in and out of traffic causing mayhem.

Anyway I will be posting short clips here, directly from here or via Youtube.

Ride safe!

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