Sunday, 19 September 2010

Rock Watches

Sorry for the lack of posts, I haven't been able to get the posting window to work properly, it just sat there loading forever!  I gave it another go this evening and it's working!  Soon as I can afford to run my own webspace I may well do, at least I'd have some degree of control!

Having moaned relentlessly about getting a watch I was given one last week.  It's a neat little thing, rubber strap with a small digital face.  I was really quite fond of it until I found out how naff they actually are.

Off I went on my bike Saturday afternoon, gentle twiddle around the local countryside glancing occasionally at the new red ticker on my wrist.  It was a wonderful little ride, roads were surprisingly quiet with only one or two numpties driving about.   I got home, checked my watch, no time displayed...  I felt the watch and it was a little damp, and I mean a 'little'.  I've done everything I can think of to get that watch working again but it's well and truely dead.  A simple few droplets of human sweat and it's knackered!  Do not buy one of these watches if you expect to use them for running or cycling, in fact any sport you may find they stop working.  Do not sweat!

The cycling's been slow recently, had a really bad back and the weather's been somewhat unpredictable.  I managed to get out this afternoon, although it was really quite damp and no fun at all.  I should pick up a cheap, basic single speed machine just for mooching about on but they're quite hard to come by.  I saw a new Giant road bike which is kinda cute but at £400 new it seems a lot for a winter hack, so I'll keep working on the old Ribble to get it shipshape.  I keep checking the for sale ads in Loot but you never know what you're buying out of that paper; so many cycles get stolen these days every one you buy could potentially be stolen goods!  Yes, I am paranoid.

Been a little lonely of late, the guys I cycle with are either busy or the weather's not good enough.  I started work back at the DAS charity shop for a couple days a week, at least that breaks the feelings of loneliness.  I am actually dreading Christmas this year, I don't really have any friends up north who'd have me so I may well be on my own eating beans like last year.  Never really been a big pub/club fan, plus on low income it's not really fun hugging a single coke all night.  Sure there's ex partners but that's not really the ideal as it brings up 'questions'.  Might go volunteer at the homeless shelter over Christmas, at least there'll be people to talk too.

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