Saturday, 23 October 2010

Excel Gym Closes!

Bolton Council's own run Gym has been closed down!  Why?  Too build yet more bloody housing!  Basic fact is the council want more money and the Excel Centre isn't giving them any.  The entire site has been closed and will be demolished to be marketed off to developers.  The thing is I used the Excel Centre as a way to keep fit; sure I have my bike but the gym had equipment I didn't have access to at home. What makes me laugh is the way the council want people to be healthy yet they close down the only free public gym in Bolton, putting thousands out of the chance to improve their health.  Bolton is now having to wait another 2 years before a similar venture is launched at the new Bolton One.

The council claims they contacted members, and given them help to find another place to go, I, however, never received any warning and found out from a friend 2 weeks after I had last visited!  Thanks Bolton!  Sooner I move out of this shithole the better!  I used to love this town but it's gone to the dogs, or should I say scrotes?

Finally the cold weather has moved in and I'm now having to wear my winter gear!  Good God I look terrible, I look like a flourescent dildo!  I still don't wear a helmet but at night I really should - problem I have and it's a shit excuse, is that I look terrible in every helmet I try on, only the obsurdly expensive helmets look okay on me and I am not paying £150 for one!  I know the way it looks shouldn't matter but I am obsessive about the way I look, and if it doesn't look right I won't wear it - it is that simple.  When I'm out I have a very bright jacket, some very powerful lights both front and rear, along with a backpack which has flashing LEDs all over it - I am impossible to miss, literally.

Drivers seem more cautious at night giving me plenty of room but I do see a lot of cyclists using cheap, tiny LEDS as their main lights - they are not very visible at all.  I would advise anyone not to buy your lighting from places like the pounds shops - yes they are okay at maybe twilight but in winter darkness they do not show up enough.  This is a neat little segway into the lights I'm using so I will do my first ever cycle parts review!  YAY!

RSP Night Burst Front, Rear LED Set and Computer - Bought from Great Universal.

I bought this set just on the off chance that it'd be some use and it's going to get a very mixed review.  The front light is exceptionally bright offering a really good way to be seen, and it also lights up completely dark road really well.  The mounting bracket is firm, should fit most handle bar types and very easy to fit.  The rear light, again is bright, however the mounting bracket is crap.  It's flimsy, and the light itself wouldn't take much of a knock.  The metal screw in the rear mounting works loose over time causing it to rattle and eventually fall off.  The computer, well, I can't review it since it didn't, and still doesn't, work.  It's set up correctly yet there's no reading. 

Overall - for the £30 I spent on this set I could have got a better set elsewhere.  The front is fine and very well made but you can find similar products for £15With both the rear and the computer being a bit crap I essentially paid out £30 on a front light.

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