Sunday, 24 October 2010

Topeak Pocket Rocket Masterblaster

Having a good pump, if you pardon the expression, is vital for any cyclist going further than 'walking distance'.  There's a huge plethora of pumps out there, all claiming to be great and all vying for your attention but a very small few actually do what they claim with much efficiancy.  This Topeak Pocket Rocket Masterblaster is not one such pump.

The pump comes with the usual frame mounting and the fastening to the clamp is pretty strong if a little fiddly.  The pump itself is around  8 and a half inches in length and fits happly into your backpack or cycle jersey.  The alloy tubing prevents it from getting hot whilst pumping and lets you continue to keep at it (sexual innuendo is fun!) untl you get the desired hardeness...  The problem with this pump is you will be stood by the side of the road for a good 10 minutes getting your tyre/s back up to an acceptable pressure.  Yes it does its job, and yes it will get you home but I would suggest finding something a little larger and more suited to road tyres than this.

The old frame mounted cycle pumps are still the choice unless you carry a compressed air device, this is adequate and for the price worth picking up for a backup pump but don't rely fully on its ability to get that pressure right up!

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