Friday, 12 November 2010

Wind makes me sad!

The wind's been blowing like mad around here for the past few days.  I haven't seen such a strong force of wind in a while, it's certainly prevented any training and today looks like no exception.   I could of course use the wind trainer but it's so dull, even with music in your ears it's downright boring.  Forecast for weekend is more of the same but we know our forecasters are usually wrong, so it may turn out to be bright.

I'm in the need of some proper winter cycling jackets now.  The waterproof one is great but it's for rain cycling, in the sun it's bloody warm so I could do with one of the proper lycra style jackets but at around £50 for the cheapest worth its salt it's a big outlay.

Going to pop out now, see how I get on on the roads, it's still windy but the rain's holding off, I need to get back into keeping myself fit!

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