Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Good Morning World!

Yes the blog is back and I'm starting to post again.  Every few days, so long as I'm riding or moaning about something.  YAY!

Weathwe in the North West of England has been damp, very damp.  In fact it's been hard to even train.  When we had the snow the local council did actually spread salt and sand, but that stuff eats frames so I stayed away from the bike until the roads cleared of the gravel.  I've been getting out occasionally but the gravel has done a serious number on my tyres and I need to replace the back tyre yet again.  It's frustrating but what can we do?

Recently the Mountain Biking bug has been eating at my mind, so I decided to rebuild my old, Leeways framed shed into a decent little machine again.  The frame's sound and I spent quite a bit on it in the past adding LX components and some proper wheels.  It's not being used as a 'hack' machine which I use to head into town.  Last Monday I popped into the market, locking the bike outside near a fence in plain view of the entire market.  I did my shopping, walked out and caught a scrote attempting to steal it!  He was sat there wiggling my £40 lock, which he'd need bolt cutters to remove.  I walked over to him and asked him if he was having a problem.  He explained that he'd left his key at home, so I said 'this key?'  He ran like lightening, HA!  The bike's worth very little but it's surprising that some will still try and steal it!  I'm fitting a flame thrower to it!

Here, have a review...

Slime Scabs Puncture Kits

The puncture repair kit that usually costs around £2.99.  I bought a pack of these from my local car shop at £1.99 (pays to shop around folks) and they worked great.  Not only do they stick very quickly they are also very easy to apply - however...  there is a problem with these Scabs.  After repairing the tyre I actually forgot about it, assuming it was safe to ride on for a while, I was wrong.  Not long after I found the front tyre was flat again and I removed the tube - the Scab had wrinkled up and was useless.  This happened twice from the same pack and I suspect it was due to water getting into the tyre area and making the scab damp.

These are okay for an emergency fix but I would recommend getting a proper, old fashion kit instead of these.  Sure it takes you long to fix your puncture but at least you know it'll stay on pretty much forever.

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