Friday, 14 January 2011

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of salt and gravel on the road I now have two punctured tyres!  The shards of gravel are like little razor blades, even cutting deep into my so called puncture-proof tyres.  Admittedly these tyres aren't the most expensive ones but I tried those and they were crap anyway - yes I tried Gators and they didn't make a scrap of difference apart from making a major dent in my wallet.

On another topic I'd like to have a little grumble at Aviva Home Insurance people.  For 4 years I was under their home insurance, every year it went up even after never claiming.  Just before the New Year I got my quote for this year's insurance and somehow it had jumped from £270 to £399!  I was almost outraged but being high on Citalopram I kinda just growled a little and started stabbing my eyes.  I paid a visit to one of those price comparison websites and changed to RAC after cancelling my Aviva account.  RAC wanted £187 a year, quite a BIG drop!

Bank holiday Monday came around and I thought I should pop out and grab myself some new tyres; I popped to the cash machine to check my funds and there was a lot less in there than there should have been.  I got a receipt and checked it over - it seemed our lovely friends at Aviva had decided to take out £399 from my account - after I had cancelled.  luckily I'm a squirreler when it comes to money so it wasn't a problem, but I did start making phone calls.  I rang Aviva and spoke to an Indian fella, who was very polite and said they had aken money out but it was automated and he'd sort it out.  Instead of sitting on my hands waiting I also fired off a complaint to Aviva's offices and received a mail telling me it would take up to 20 days to get my money back.  I muttered something about them getting free interest on my money and decided to leave it a few days.

Monday came and I was on the warpath - I need to pay my water bill!  I rang Aviva's complaint line and spoke to a nice guy who was more than happy to help me.  He rang me back in the afternoon to tell me they were sorry about the mistake and they'd send me a cheque.  I got that cheque yesterday and I am now a happy rabbit.  Sometimes it's best not to sit on your hands and do nothing, waiting, sometimes it's good to poke to bear!

Today I am off into town, DC Universe Online is out and I want to give it a whirl.  Expect some sort of moany, ranting review here if I find it crap!  Ha!

Oh and I can see you Paul :)  Will give you a bell on Saturday.

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