Saturday, 22 January 2011

Crazy Chick!

Yesterday's 40 mile ride went well, the combination of sunny weather and very dry roads made it great fun.  The lay off I've had, mostly due to the bad weather, has done some damage to my weight and fitness but not enough to slow me down.  Horwich into Adlington, back to Horwich, then Bolton, Bury, Ramsbottom and back into Bolton.  Was a really fun ride although it was somewhat spoilt by the fat bint in a Vaxhaull Corsa - not only did she over take me very closely, she also cut me off causing me to slam my front brakes on.  The dozy sod didn't even react to my hand being slammed on her roof!

Sadly the lack of camera on my bike resulted in no footage, otherwise she'd be all over Youtube!  Oh well, shouldn't let an idiot ruin what was a good day.  I picked up a new saddle to match my tyres so the transformation from a dull machine into a harlequin bike is underway.

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