Monday, 7 February 2011


Spring's on its way, this is usually noticable by the fact that the winds start to blow quite hard so it won't be long until we can get out properly again.  Having not had the roads drying enough to ride I've been using the trainer much to the disgust of the cat.  It's a noisey, boring thing but it's meant to keep your legs going until you can hit the road again; I hate it with a passion.

The hunt for a single speed bike continues and as of yet nothing's turned up.  I've seen plenty of new ones but I don't want to pay 600+ for a new bike, seems over priced for something with no gears.  The old Ribble was a candidate for turning into a single speed but that's become more hassle than it's worth so I've decided to rip it apart and flog the parts off on Bike Radar - any extra cash will go towards what I want.

I need to grab myself some sort of camera in order to get some decent photos, the mobile's not good enough for images that will be used for selling stuff, but funds are low at the moment.  I'll have to save up a bit and then see what I can manage.  I was hoping to get a little bit of extra cash to help with the bills but it's not been forth coming so things are going to have to wait.

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