Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Rocks Watches

I got one of these earlier in the year and it was great, well up until it got slightly wet from me sweating whilst out training on the bike.  It stopped working and never worked again!  I took it back to Beales in Bolton (Whittakers) and they replaced it with no quibble.  The new one I got I never used it until 2 days ago (6 months after getting the replacement).  I put it on over the weekend, went on a gentle ride and again it failed.  The booklet that comes with it claims it's waterproof up 30metres, also claims it's swim proof - what a load of twaddle!  I have had two of these watches and both failed after getting slightly wet and never worked again.  I recommend that you avoid these watches like the plague, if you do want one try visiting Primark they have similar, almost identical watches for around £1.50.

Rocks Watches - don't get 'em wet, they don't like it!

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