Sunday, 23 September 2012

Long time!

It's been over a year since my last post and I've been naughty in not doing much here.

Anyhoo it's time to get working again on this page and in doing so I will be doing reviews of everything and anything, bike related or not!  If I like something I'll say, if I think it's shit I will say - punches will not be pulled!

So first up we have something bike related!  No surprise there!

I hadn't really heard of Decathlon up until late last year; they're a large, French based retail outlet specializing in sporting goods.  I was inclined to stay away due to Halfords' service being wank, but one can't paint all bit stores with the same brush.

I needed some inner tubes and I wasn't prepared to pay a fiver each at the local ripoff bike shops in the area;  so off I pootled and grabbed 2, shrink wrapped, road bicycle tyres from Decathlon.  

I didn't need to use them instantly but having spares is always wise, especially when you do regular long distance.  They were needed eventually and not had a problem with them.  They seem thinner than I've used before but once pumped up they are fine and for £2.99 well worth getting as back ups.

Thumbs up!

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